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Governor’s Work Ethic Certificate

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Attention JELCC Seniors--

You have the opportunity to earn the Governor’s Work Ethic Certificate!

Please see directions below.

To earn the Governor’s Work Ethic Certificate, please follow the steps below: 

  • Step 2: Due by February 24, 2023: Turn in the items listed below to the Student Services office at JELCC. 

    • High school transcript, showing cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher (see your counselor to learn how to obtain a copy of your transcript)

    • Work Ethic Teacher/ Adult Verification form (click on this link to find a copy of form and print it:  Work Ethic Teacher Verification Form)

    • Community Service Documentation Form (click on this link to find a copy of the form and print it: Community Service Documentation Form)


  • Step 3: Due by June 7, 2023: Turn in a copy of your final high school transcript showing final high school cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher.

What is the Governor’s Work Ethic Certificate (GWEC)?

  • GWEC supports the Indiana Department of Education Graduation Pathways.  

  • High school seniors who qualify will receive a Governor’s Work Ethic Certificate after they complete step 3 of the application process (application steps listed above). 

  • This certificate demonstrates that a student is fully qualified and prepared for a trained or certificated position. 

  • The certificate should be part of a student’s portfolio and be presented to any employer showing evidence of being highly qualified. 

Make earning a The Governor’s Work Ethic Certificate one of your priority goals and target.  Best of luck!

Dodd, Carrie.jpg

 Supervisor of Student Services

Carrie Dodd

317.259.5269   x44018

As Supervisor of Student Services, I am honored to work with JELCC students, staff, and community. Together, we help our students pursue their college and career goals. It is a privilege to watch our JELCC students develop confidence in their technical skills and passion for their career interests. It is super rewarding to know that JELCC plays a part in helping our students reach their career dreams. 

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