Attendance Policies & Procedures​​​

*Parents and/or guardians must call JEL before 9:00A.M. attendance office in the event of an absence.

*NO CALL will result in an unexcused absence

*Students may be placed on Attendance Probation or withdrawn from their program after excessive absences in a semester, excused or unexcused

*Excessive absence letters are sent home after 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 days of absence in a semester


***Absences must be reported by a parent/guardian only. ***


  • Reporting an absence



Student may pick up their Early Dismissal pass from the JEL Attendance Office.

If the office is closed, the pass will be at the JEL Front Desk.

  • Tardies

    • Upon arrival, check in with the Attendance Secretary to get a Tardy Pass prior to going to class

      • Excessive tardies may result in a drop in grade, withdraw and failure from the program, or other consequence.​

Attendance Secretary

Kimberly Bolden

317.259.5269   x44014