Dual Credit

It is possible to earn high school and college credits while enrolled in our classes. The classes listed below offer this opportunity. Dual credit is dependent upon successful completion of the course. It is important that students check with our teachers at the beginning of the school year for specific course credit. 

Programs that offer Vincennes University Dual Credit:

Click here for more information about the

Vincennes Dual Credit Program.

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Enroll & Register with Ivy Tech

Enroll & Register for Ivy Tech Dual Credit Program:

 1) To enroll: Go to  https://ivytech.dualenroll.com/login  >>> Create NEW ACCOUNT.

2) To register: Login: https://ivytech.dualenroll.com/login , click on the Courses tab to review the list of available courses. Search by Teacher Name or Exact Class (ex. HLHS 101). Teachers will provide you with an exact list.

3) If applicable, complete prerequisites (see below).

Prerequisites & Testing

Program-ready requirements: Some dual credit courses require students to meet specific requirements on their Knowledge Assessment, PSAT, or SAT scores in order to qualify for dual credit. Ask your instructor, if your course has any prerequisites. Or, after registering for a course, you will receive an alert letting you know that you require additional information.

Three options to qualify for DC courses:

1)  Juniors & Seniors: Submit your HS Transcript with a 2.6 or above GPA to your instructor.

2) Access your PSAT and SAT Scores → https://www.collegeboard.org/  and submit to your instructor.

3) Complete the Knowledge Assessment and reach your target scores. 

ENGLISH - Score = 70 (for all courses)

STEM Math - Score = 70 (for IT Pathways only)

If you do not reach 70, you do not need to retake the Diagnostic. Instead, you can continue on to complete the Study Paths to raise your scores.

Additional Resources (click on the links):

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There are so many great opportunities at JEL and I am proud to work with our students through many facets at JELCC including dual credit opportunities, Soft Skills training, and National Technical Honor Society. I taught a mixture of math and science at JELCC for 13 years before moving into my new role. I have a BA in Psychology, a MS in Education, and have my Administrator's License. I love working with our students in my various roles and love to see them thrive and pursue their passions. Outside of school, I enjoy playing all types of sports and watching the Hoosiers, Dawgs (Go Butler!), and Colts with my husband. I also love to explore the world by traveling, eating, and cooking, and I strive to learn something new every day!

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Supervisor of Program Development

Diane Steffey

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College and Career

Pathways Assistant

Maleni Martinez

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I work under the supervision of Mrs. Steffey in the Student Services office. Some of the duties I perform are inputting dual credit data, scheduling tours & shadows, and running social media accounts for JEL. Outside of school, I like to spend time with my family, try do-it-yourself crafts, and sing in my church’s worship group.