Prior to the start of school, parents may reach the District RN/Coordinator of Health Services, Stacia Davis, for Washington Township Schools by calling 317-259-5265 ext. 44089 or by email. The student's home high school should share this information some time during the first few weeks of school.  To ensure continuity of care, parents should make contact through one of the two methods above prior to the start of  school.


Questions or concerns regarding school health services may be directed to Nicole Cooper, CDA LDH BS, Supervisor of Health Science Programs and Services or 317-259-5265 Ext. 44017

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Supervisor of Health Science Programs and Services

Nicole Cooper

317.259.5269   x44017

As Supervisor of Health Science Programs for J. Everett Light Career Center, I enjoy working with the next generation of healthcare providers.  From students pursuing a career in medicine, dentistry, or animal care, we offer the high school student the foundation for any health profession.  This gives students a competitive advantage to their peers in applying for college.  Certifications earned in our classes provide high school students with the proof of skills necessary to secure an entry level position in some healthcare fields while in high school or immediately following.

I also serve as Supervisor for Health Services for Washington Township.  Working in conjunction with the District RN and nurses in each of our schools, we strive to ensure a safe and healthy environment for students, faculty, and staff of Washington Township.

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Coordinator of Health Services

Stacia Davis

317.259.5269   x44089