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J. Everett Light Career Center is dedicated to providing programs that allow local high school students to explore their passion in an innovative, hands-on, and real-world environment. JELCC provides over 22 different, career-focused classes for high school students, using a hands-on, holistic approach. This allows students to create, explore, and solve problems, all while preparing them for post-secondary college and future careers. Each program’s curriculum is driven by rigorous career and college-ready standards in combination with state-of-the-art equipment and is delivered through best practices in methodology and technology. 

Fast Facts

  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) students average a 96% graduation rate, significantly above the state average.

  • Over 600 students participated in Work-based Learning opportunities 

  • 93% of JELCC Concentrator students earn at least one industry certification.

  • In 2019-2020, over 750 JELCC students earned more than $992,000 in college dual credit

Dual Credits & Certifications

All of our JELCC programs offer college dual credit and/or certifications that serve as valuable resources to help high school students pursue their next steps. JELCC programs can also assist high school students in meeting Indiana Graduation Pathway requirements as well as help students help meet requirements for an Academic Honors Diploma or Academic Technical Honors Diploma. Click on the links to see more about Dual Credits  & Certifications.

Why Career-Technical Education (CTE)?

Check out the: IN CTE Career Guide

Next steps?

Fill out an Enrollment Form and let your school counselor know you would like to attend JELCC. Students are typically scheduled during either the morning or afternoon session, as recommended by their school counselor. Programs do fill up, so sign up today!

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Our Mission, Goals, & Vision

The main purpose of the J. Everett Light Career Center is to provide the education and training needed by students to succeed in a chosen career and to bridge the gap between the school and the work force. Career-Technical Education (CTE)  provides students options that combine the theory of a particular career with hands-on practice.

We are dedicated to preparing students for economic independence, personal fulfillment, and the ability to make a contribution within a global society. By building upon the interests and capabilities of our students, we create a culture of competency that is inclusive and defined.

Our curriculum is driven by both current industry practices as well as best practice methodology. Technology is a strong component of each and every career cluster. We are dedicated to the principle that Career-Technical Education complements the student’s total curriculum and expands opportunities and choices upon completion of the Career-Technical program. It is dedicated to those students who need, want, and can profit from this type of educational opportunity.

JEL Mission Statement
The J. Everett Light Career Center, with the commitment of its staff, parents, advisory committees, and business community, prepares students with skills training for success in college and the workplace.

MSDWT Mission Statement
The mission of Washington Township Schools is to develop lifelong learners and globally-minded  citizens by fostering the academic, creative, and social skills needed to achieve excellence in a  multicultural environment.


Who We Serve

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Meet the Director,
Shawn Wright-Browner

Marion High School (Marion, Indiana) Class of 1983
Ball State University (Muncie, Indiana) Class of 1988

Butler University (Indianapolis, Indiana) Class of 1994
Ball State University (Muncie, Indiana), Vocational Director’s License


I have been the proud Director of J. Everett Light Career Center since 2006. I am so excited about being a leader in Career-Technical Education.  It is an exciting time, as J. Everett Light Career Center continues to improve, modernize and expand  programs to best meet the needs of an expanding workforce.

JEL Management Team

  • Shawn Wright-Browner, Director

  • Brian Funk, Assistant Director

  • Carrie Dodd, Supervisor of Student Services

  • Nicole Cooper, Supervisor of Health Services

  • Diane Steffey, Supervisor of Program Development

  • Brittany Kirschner, Special Services Coordinator

Community & Continuing Education (Adult Education)

  • Todd DeLey, Supervisor

  • Lara Pastore, Assistant Supervisor

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Kendall B.

Automotive Service Technology, 2014-2016

The automotive service program at JEL was my favorite class in high school. I looked forward to it every day. The program not only improved my knowledge of automotive service but aided in skills such as problem solving and perseverance. The program, most importantly, in my opinion, helped me build my confidence which has been extremely beneficial to me ever since I've left high school. I am more confident in myself and my work and I also feel much more comfortable standing up for myself. I encourage anyone who can to take a JEL class.

Rebecca P.

Law Enforcement, 2016-2017

As a high school student, not really knowing what you want to do once you graduate is difficult. With JEL, it allowed me to pursue an interest and see where it could take me! JEL was one way I made friends with people outside of my high school. It showed me that there are more people out there then who I go to school with. Law Enforcement was an amazing class! With JEL, I was given friends, life lessons, and mentors for life!

Alec F.

Welding and Advanced Manufacturing Technology & Engineering, 2014-2016

Both Welding and Advanced Manufacturing Technology & Engineering courses gave me a considerable jump-start in my collegiate education and professional career. I gained great concepts of welding physics and techniques, that I still use today.


During my second year, I took Advanced Manufacturing Technology & Engineering. The program educated me greatly on topics such as logistics, supply chain management, and manufacturing technology systems. The latter half of the year, I was accepted into an internship position at a 3rd Party Logistics company based in Indianapolis. The company later offered me a full time employment opportunity which I accepted. They were very accommodating around my university class schedule, so that I was able to work and attend school in parallel. Both courses taught me real, practical knowledge and concepts that I use in my everyday life, whether it be in class or out in the professional field. I can only imagine all of the lost opportunities I would have had I not attended J. Everett Light Career Center!

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