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Welcome to J. Everett Light Career Center!

Preparing students for College & Careers through Career-Technical Education (CTE)

J. Everett Light Career Center is dedicated to providing programs that allow local high school students to explore their passion in an innovative, hands-on, and real-world environment. JELCC provides over 20 different, career-focused classes for high school students, using a hands-on, holistic approach. This allows students to create, explore, and solve problems, all while preparing them for post-secondary college and future careers. Each program’s curriculum is driven by rigorous career and college-ready standards in combination with state-of-the-art equipment and is delivered through best practices in methodology and technology. 

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We offer 20+ Career Technical Education (CTE) classes that will help you prepare for the college and/or career of your choice!


CTE classes offer several benefits:

Dual Credits

Enroll into our Dual Credit Program, and you will earn college and high school credits. 

Industry Recognized Certifications

You will set yourself apart from your peers when you can list industry recognized certifications on your college & career applications. 


Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO)

CTSO’s further develop students’ technical and leadership skills and give students the opportunity to compete in regional, state, and national competitions. 

Hands-on, Real-World Learning

During class, students will participate in Work-Based Learning (WBL) and clinical settings. For example, Culinary Arts students will work in our public restaurant, Light Cafe. Health Careers, CNA PREP students will work with their patients at a senior citizen living home. All of our CTE classes offer hands-on, real-life learning opportunities.

Indiana Graduation Pathways 

Students can work towards meeting the Indiana Graduation Pathways  graduation requirements through our programs.


Become a part of our JELCC community, which includes high school students from Marion, Hamilton, and Boone counties and connect with our business partners. Our JELCC community is designed to help you reach your college and career goals. 


Here is a list of all the programs JEL has to offer. Click the link below for more information. There is something here for everyone. 

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2022 Alumni of the Year Portion
2016 2017 JELCC Alumni Testimonials
2019 JELCC Testimonials
2015 Recognition Night Testimonials

The automotive service program at JEL was my favorite class in high school. I looked forward to it every day. The program not only improved my knowledge of automotive service but aided in skills such as problem solving and perseverance. The program, most importantly, in my opinion, helped me build my confidence which has been extremely beneficial to me ever since I've left high school. I am more confident in myself and my work and I also feel much more comfortable standing up for myself. I encourage anyone who can to take a JEL class.

Kendall B.

As a high school student, not really knowing what you want to do once you graduate is difficult. With JEL, it allowed me to pursue an interest and see where it could take me! JEL was one way I made friends with people outside of my high school. It showed me that there are more people out there then who I go to school with. Law Enforcement was an amazing class! With JEL, I was given friends, life lessons, and mentors for life!

Rebecca P.

 I have benefited so much from this program [Medical Assisting]! It has set me up to be successful in nursing school and health careers in the future! My instructor has been amazing and I’m so thankful for her!

Alexis H.

I would 100% recommend my program [EMT] to another student. I really enjoyed being an EMT student this year. My goal is to eventually be a physician assistant or a physician and I believe being in the EMT program helped me learn when it comes to working with patients, and about the human body.

Reyan O.

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